The Meenkee Solution

Meenkee revolutionises buying habits by enabling the ability to buy anything of interest in the 5.5hrs of video watched each day via, the moment the product appears on TV, their computer, phone or in the movie theater. The app is free and easy to use; just point, click, and buy. Through ZTB's analytics, the ability to enhance Target markets is more powerful then ever before to. This cutting edge technology with features such as image identification, audio fingerprinting and the Amazon suite analytic software, creates an interactive video experience bonding consumers and advertisers. This technology is critical to delivering market impact. 


The Solution

1) Image identification.

2) Audio fingerprinting.

3 )Amazon cutting edge analytic software. 

Meenkee for all


Individuals (Zappers)

Revolutionizing consumer buying experience by enabling real time purchasing from video anywhere. 

Brand Marketers

Presently few products are identifiable by consumers in Film/T.V & Ads. Meenkee will brand all suitable product, creating an exponential spike in the number that can be sold. 

Brand Advertisers

Opportunity to gather unique behaviour data through back end analytics from every  mobile phone, globally. 


Meenkee technology can be integrated into existing apps, which tap into existing consumer bases. Empowering users and advertisers, with a unique shopping experience.



Alex Ross

 Marco Fiocco
 Chief Technology Officer

    Na'im Anis Peymán                   Sales Manager

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr Olly Woodford
Technical Advisor

            Carl Weyant                  Operations Director

Mikael Lindberg
Chief Operating Officer

Noa Garcia
Vision Engineer

Joel Amill                                                                  Sales Manager

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